What We Do

We provide all types of translation services, ranging from translation of official documents, web content, proofreading, voice over work and so much more.

At Arielle Translations, the world is now within your reach…  And these are the services that put it there.

Technical Translation Services

Ideal for:  Clients in need of technical, scientific, or industry-specific translation services
Pricing:  Per word, starting at $0.07 per word, or we can offer a low, fixed (“not-to-exceed”) price.

Do you need a technical manual translated?  Or User Instructions?  Perhaps a manuscript, or background features in your video game.  At Arielle Translations, we have translated practically everything.

We specialize in:

  • Diagnostic and instruction manuals for automotive and industrial equipment.
  • Biomedical services, devices, and texts.
  • Petrochemical and Energy texts, from scientific journals to industrial oil rig manuals.
  • Architectural and Construction Plan translation
  • Mathematical, Chemical, and Engineering-related texts

We stick with what we know; translating things that we have experience with, in languages that we specialize in, so that the target audience understands YOU

Our staff members and contractors come from varied and well-rounded backgrounds, typically in a scientific discipline.  We don’t just hire linguists; we hire people that are competent in their field and bring that competency to bear in the translation market.  Being able to research and understand what we translate is something we feel is incredibly important in offering the high-level end product that we do.

If your source material is confidential, we offer a non-disclosure agreement that will protect your privacy.

We also offer additional services for Video game developers that need authenticity in the languages used in their gameplay. We can perform proofreadings of nearly any material you have.

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Translation of Official Documents

Ideal for:  Attorneys, Visa and Green Card Applicants, Parents looking to Adopt, Government Agencies..
Pricing:  Fixed, per document.   Special features: Certified*, notarized, Ala-carte or bundled package, two-day Turnaround, Controlled Costs, guaranteed accuracy.

A big part of our business is B2B, catering to Immigration Attorneys serving Russian, Ukrainian, and other Slavic clients.  We offer services that fit your needs as you serve your clients.

Certified* and Notarized -When you need official documents translated, Arielle Translations has you covered. We offer certified* translation of official documents such as Passports, Birth Certificates, Wedding licenses, Death Certificates, Adoption records, etc. for use in obtaining your US Entry Visa, filing your I-485 Green Card application, and many other needs.documents to be translated

Notarization can be provided for an additional cost per document, if you need it.  If you need many documents notarized at the same time, we offer reduced pricing for large orders.

Ala-Carte vs. Bundled Package Orders- We can provide document translation on an ala-carte basis through our website, where you can pay-as-you go for each individual item.  There is no obligatory membership, just place your order, pay through Paypal, and upload.

Or, you can contact us to assemble a bundled ‘translation package’ containing as many documents as you need, translated for one consistent, out-the-door price.  We want you as a return client, so let us know what you need and we’ll build a bundled package just for you.

Two-day turnaround: We offer a standard two-day turnaround on Official Documents that we translate for you…  Meaning that we will have a translated electronic copy back to you within 48 hours of your order (business days only, excluding weekends and holidays.  Other blackout periods may apply).

Controlled Costs: Your costs are managed when you use our service, there are no surprises.  We can even offer monthly billing for large volume clients, and we can accommodate single serving translations to suit your specific individual needs. We offer fixed pricing on official documents, but offer a percentage discount for high volume and repeat clients.

Quality Guarantee: Best of all, we guarantee our Official Document translations! There is no fee or limit on revisions, we guarantee it will be done your way, the right way, until you are satisfied with the final product.

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Translate and Localize your Web Content

Ideal for:  English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, German, and Spanish-speaking businesses hoping to establish a web presence in Russian- or English-speaking markets.
Pricing:  Starting at $0.06/word, depending on complexity.   Special features:  Native speaker proofreading

Where do you turn to first when you want to break-in to a new marketplace with your product or service? To Arielle Translations, that’s who.

We offer translation and localization services for your English, French, German, or Spanish-language website into Russian or Ukrainian, and many other Slavic languages.  We also offer translation and localization of your Russian or Ukrainian website  into English.

No matter the language, we make it understandable to the native-speaking audience you’re trying to reach because of our familiarity with the European, Russian, and American markets.Translate web content  If you want to break into these markets, you have to use the right approach, and it is imperative to look intelligent in your marketing materials.

Think of your website as it would appear to a native speaker after it’s been translated.  If the translation was off in the slightest way, potential customers will lose trust in your product. Do you use colloquialisms, or phrases that might be unique to your country or region?  Do you use any idioms or axioms in your marketing material? These phrases are generally easy (for you or anyone) to translate word-for-word, but they are nearly impossible to understand once translated.

At Arielle Translations, we understand what you need, and make every effort to help you reach your target audience with words, phrases, and concepts that are true to your product, but that your new audience can relate to. We know the Russian, Ukrainian, European, and American markets, and we know what your intended audience expects.

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Proofreading Services

Proof read for proper translation
Ideal for:  Clients that need a native Russian, Ukrainian, or English speaker to review a translation that they have had completed by others.
Pricing: Starting at $0.06/word, depending on complexity.
Special Features:  High quality proofreading by educated native speakers.

Did you have a document translated and want to verify it’s accuracy?  Bring it to us along with the original, we can check it for you.

We realize there are plenty of great translators out there, we aren’t unique in the world. What we do offer that’s unique is our guarantee… We’ll proofread and correct work that was done by another translator for a very reasonable cost, and we’ll guarantee the accuracy just as we do with all of our own work. But watch out, we know a “Google” Translation when we see one! (But that’s OK, we’ll still work with you and your robot translator).  Just email us the original and the translation, we’ll take a look and give you a no-obligation quote today.  Please note that urgent/emergency proofreading requests are estimated at the same costs as an original translation.

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Voice Recording and Audio Transcription Services

Ideal for:  Clients that need additional services they can’t get elsewhere.

Voice over translations

Do your marketing materials need to be read by a native Russian speaker?  Perhaps Ukrainian?  Or even in English?  Adding an audio voice-over to a product demonstration video is a great way to keep attention focused on your product.

Or do you need to transcribe audio files from a recording of spoken Russian or Ukrainian (or other Slavic) language?

Our voice services feature a talented female voice artist capable of delivering information about your service or product in an official tone common throughout Russian advertisements. Likewise, our artist can also offer a soft, personal tone that lends a colloquial feeling to your marketing materials.  Our male English voice talent offers a variety of accents and voice tones ranging from serious, to comical impersonations.  We have a variety of talents to suit your individual needs.

When it comes to transcription, we can handle most of the Slavic languages easily.  Russian and Ukrainian are our specialties, but we can provide transcription service for other languages as well.  Just ask, and we’ll help you out.  And if you need that trascription translated, you’ve come to the right place!!

Contact us with any questions you may have about this service…

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*Certified Documents

For a translated document to be considered “certified”, a signed statement is issued that the translator has all qualifications needed in both the original and final translated languages, and that the document has been translated exactly from the source document(s) that have been provided to Arielle Translations.  For some US Government agencies, a notarized and certified translation may be required; it is your responsibility, as the Client, to determine the minimum requirements for the document(s) being translated.

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